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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

And The Sun Sets Monologue 199

The Aftermath & Epilogue

I'm checking myself over, twirling all around looking at me from all angles - forty looks nice :) - Hey peeps! I'm finally peeking out the clouds to give my narrative on the b'day weekend!

I posted some of the pictures that I thought would interest from a you don't need to know who those peope are standpoint,lol. Let me tell ya'll. I was so in my element - I'm still trembling, lol.

It feels soooo good to be loved! I had someone from all the groups I associate with in attendance: Family, Friends, Work Associates, Blog Associates, Discussion Group Associates, the mighty BTW class of 84, even IM buddies who I have never met before face to face!!

I want to thank EVERYONE who helped and came out to help me celebrate. It was so good seeing everyone , socializing and whatnot. I was fluttering around that room something fierce, lol lol.

Apparently, that drunken post was not the only thing I did that I don't remember - Mini-me said she was having Carrie flashbacks as I stood in the hall way in my b'day suit - serenading her! Lawd have mercy!!

Sunday after taking four tylenol while laying prone so as to not make my head explode - I was up by 8:30am (guess I was trying to prove something). I hung out all day with the Fam and just had a good time! Of course I have caught a slight cold - but it's all good.

I want to take a moment of course to thank CAUN. When he stepped in that club - he took my breath away! He was sooo fine and he has come into my life and enriched it. As women we are flowers and alot of us have decided that any fertilizer is better than none - so we just take the raw shit and struggle to blossom up out of it. Well God has blessed me with top notch veggie based compost and my petals are stronger than ever. Sure I had my stuff halfway together before him, but the otherside of that equation is that it's so much more solid after him. I take care of him and he takes care of me. I WANT to take care of him - to listen and hear him - to comfort him - to take some of it off his shoulders and he wants to do the same for me - except this time, HE IS APPRECIATED. We treat him with the upmost respect (ok Stormeka sometimes goes to the left but, lol). This man gets the big piece of chicken up in our spot!! Again, thank you baby for all that you have done, all that you do, and all that you have planned.

I need to thank the Glam Squad - these sistas mean the world to me! They rallied around and helped me pull off one hell of a party.

I want to give a special shoutout to Mama CAUN! I am LOVING that she posted on the blog. I look forward to meeting her!

So now I am two days on the otherside of forty. I feel so so - I don't know. I guess having this forum for the documentation of the journey (and not even all of it or all aspects of it) - gave it alot of power. It forced me to live within it and to actually see it. That has been interesting. It's time for a's time to do something different.

So this my friends will be my last 'current' post. I need to step away and come back at you all strong! Going back to my original alter-ego; since I currently am Pamela Mariah Naiomi Stormeka A-M-P as CAUN calls me......Mariah gave me this journey in The Emancipation of Pammie and now she's giving me the next chapter via her tour "The Adventures of Pammie!" - I will be doing summer reruns about twice a week going back in the archives and posting some oldies to keep me in your eyesight and maybe even a picture or two. Give me about 30 days and I WILL BE BACK!!

Thank you to everyone who has read and to those who come back again and again! Keep me in your kinja's and other spots and check in often - you never know, I might even get me a myspace just because dammit - I hate being on the outside looking in, lol Now there's something else to do......



I'll see yah sooner than later!

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